Alpine Skiing World Cup event near Filzmoos

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Discover the highlights of the World Cup ski event in Flachau, taken in January.

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Video - Festival in the snow in Filzmoos

Reading time: 0:40 minutes

Fest im Schnee in Filzmoos Short video with young Filzmoos freestylers, Pistenbullys Show, mascots and Filzmoos ski schools

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Video - Ballooning in Filzmoos

Reading time: 0:47 minutes

Discover the spectacular balloon weeks in Filzmoos, which take place every year in January. Marvel at the fascinating launches of around...

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Video - Marmots in Filzmoos

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In Filzmoos, a picturesque village in the Austrian Alps, you can enjoy a unique nature experience: watching marmots in their natural habitat.

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The Dachstein Speed Biker

Reading time: 0:56 minutes

In a video that captures the beauty of Austria, we experience an impressive e-bike tour by a young cyclist, starting in Filzmoo. The...

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Hangar-7 Salzburg - A short video

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Discover Hangar-7 in Salzburg Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is known for its unique architecture. Historic aeroplanes and...

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Yukigassen Championship in Filzmoos

Reading time: 4:25 minutes

Professional snowball fights Professional yuki snowball fights, also known as yuki races, have developed into an exciting winter sport that has reached its peak in Japan....

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Video - Hellbrunn Advent

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Hellbrunn Advent Market An Advent magic that is second to none. From 17 November 2022, the Advent market in Anif near Salzburg opens its doors. 700...

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Video Neuepost - Papagenobahn - Rossbrand

Reading time: 0:6 minutes

Drone Video over Neue Post Filzmoos with the Papagenobahn

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