neuepost winter 2018 6

Daniela Gollegger

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Festival in the snow in Filzmoos

Short video with young Filzmoos freestylers, Pistenbullys Show, mascots and Filzmoos ski schools

"Fest im Schnee" in Filzmoos is the perfect place to celebrate winter. From traditional folk music to modern sounds, there is something for everyone. And while the children look forward to snowball fights and tobogganing, the Filzmoos ski schools and mountain railways set up perfect conditions for the show on the lowest Papageno slope with Pistenbullys. On ancient skis you go down into the valley, more bad than good, up to the most modern carving turns of the Filzmoos ski schools, everything is there. The young Filzmoos freestylers literally roll over in the glittering white of the Papagenohang.

A magical atmosphere ends in a brilliant mist of lights from the piste bullies, the whole thing seems to run in sync with the beat of the music.

The festival is free of charge and takes place weekly in February. An unforgettable experience in the midst of the breathtaking Filzmoos landscape right in the village!