Panorama with countless mountain peaks

Winter landscape in Filzmoos with Rötelstein and Dachstein


Großglockner, Dachstein & more: Rossbrand viewpoint in Filzmoos

The Rossbrand in Filzmoos offers a View of 150 peaks in Salzburg and Styria. From the Dachstein to the Bischofsmütze, the Tennen and Hagen mountains, the Hochkönig, the Hohe Tauern with the Großglockner and Großvenediger to the Schladminger Tauern.

The Großglockner is the highest mountain in Austria with an altitude of 3,798 metres. It is located in the Hohe Tauern mountains in the province of Carinthia. The Großglockner is a symbol of Austria's alpine beauty.... 

The Dachstein is the highest mountain in Styria. The district of Hachau in Filzmoos offers an impressive view of the Dachstein.

Next to Dachstein, Bischofsmütze and Großglockner, you can see a multitude of mountain peaks from the Roßbrand. One mountain more beautiful than the other, for hikes around Filzmoos.

dachstein gondola ride south face 1
Gondola ride south wall

Mountain Panorama around the Dachstein

A modern gondola lift takes you up in the direction of South face of the Dachstein. During your ride, you will be amazed at the breathtaking panoramic view and the impressive size of the Dachstein. Once at the top, a 360-degree view of the surrounding peaks of the Alps opens up from the Hunerkogel restaurant. In good weather, you can see the peaks of more than 1,000 mountain ranges, including Austria's highest peak, the Großglockner, the Hohe Tauern and even as far as the mountains in Slovenia and Italy.

At 2,995 metres, the Dachstein is the highest peak in the Dachstein Massif group and the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps. A spectacular panorama opens up from up here.

The view from the Dachstein encompasses a variety of landscapes, from snow-capped mountain peaks to green valleys, dense forests and glistening lakes. On a clear day, the visibility reaches up to 100 kilometres and includes most of the Austrian Alps, including the Großglockner.

The Dachstein is known for its impressive glaciers. From the summit you can see the Hallstatt Glacier and the Schladming Glacier.

A special highlight are the sunrises and sunsets from the Dachstein. When the sun rises or sets over the mountains, it bathes the landscape in a breathtaking light.

filzmoos rossbrand winter landscape winter hiking 3
Rossbrand winter landscape with cross-country ski trail and winter hiking trail

The Rossbrand in Filzmoos offers a view of 150 peaks

The Rossbrand in Filzmoos is touted as one of the best viewpoints in the region.

From here, there is a breathtaking panoramic view of around 150 peaks. The atmosphere here is calm and relaxing, perfect for rest and recuperation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A kilometre-long hiking trail leads to the summit of Rossbrand and allows visitors to enjoy the impressive landscape to the fullest.

The view towards the imposing Dachstein massif with its majestic peaks is particularly impressive. However, the view extends not only to the Dachstein, but also to other well-known mountains such as the Großglockner and the Alps.

filzmoos sunset evening mood bischofsmuetze5
Filzmoos Rossbrand Sunset

Panoramic view from the Bischofsmütze in Filzmoos

The view from the Bischofsmütze is impressive. You can see a wide range of landscapes: 

  • Snow covered mountains
  • green pastures
  • dense forests
  • crystal clear lakes

Depending on the time of day and season, the play of light on the Bischofsmütze and the surrounding landscapes changes. This makes for constantly changing and ever-impressive panoramic views. The area around the Bischofsmütze is rich in a variety of plant and animal species.

This adds to the beauty of the view as you can observe different types of flora and fauna depending on the season and weather conditions.

Due to its high location, the Bischofsmütze offers a wide field of vision. On clear days, from its summit you can even see the Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria.

Panorama with countless mountain peaks bischofsmuetze winter filzmoos 1 1
Bischofsmütze Filzmoos

The "Große Bischofsmütze" (2,454 m), the "Kleine Mütze" (2,428 m).

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