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Getreidegasse in Salzburg

Reading time: 2:13 minutes

The Getreidegasse in Salzburg is a picturesque old town alley with historical significance. It is known for its variety of unique shops...

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The castle in Salzburg

Reading time: 1:51 minutes

Discover the history and architecture of the impressive Hohensalzburg fortress, which towers over the city of Salzburg. Find out more about...

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Filzmoos Arrival by car, train, bus Flight by taxi / rental car

Reading time: 1:42 minutes

This guide offers detailed instructions on how to get to Filzmoos from Austria's neighbouring countries. Find out how to travel comfortably with...

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The Bullwashers of Salzburg

Reading time: 1:41 minutes

Immerse yourself in the humorous and clever legend of the Salzburg bull washers. Find out how a city got its unmistakable name...

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