Mountain hiking, hiking is healthy

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Why is mountain hiking so healthy

Mountain hiking is one of the healthiest and most nature-loving activities you can do. It offers the opportunity par excellence to stay physically fit, breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Hiking can contribute to improved physical health as well as heightened mental awareness. 

The mountain air, the varied altitude profiles and the beautiful landscape have a positive influence on your cardiovascular system and improve your breathing. Furthermore, hiking in Filzmoos can reduce stress and improve your mental health.

The physical benefits of hiking

Walking is a great way to increase our endurance and strength. Hiking works the whole body, especially the legs, abdominal muscles and back muscles. By hiking regularly, we can strengthen our muscles and increase body tension.

Another benefit is the improvement of our cardiovascular health. Walking stimulates the cardiovascular system so that our blood can circulate better. This means that important nutrients and oxygen are transported to the organs and muscles more quickly. Walking can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mountain hiking, hiking around Filzmoos
Mountain hiking, hiking around Filzmoos

How hiking promotes our mental health

Walking in nature can help relieve stress and lift your mood. The quiet, natural environment can help improve concentration and enhance creativity. In addition, hiking in the summer can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The peaceful environment combined with physical activity can relieve stress and lift your mood.

Mountain hiking promotes focus and concentration. When you are on the well-marked hiking trails in Filzmoos, you have to pay attention to your path, which helps to clear your mind of distracting thoughts. This kind of mental "purification" can reduce mental stress and lead to an improvement in mental clarity.

In addition, mountain hiking in Filzmoos can help improve the quality of your sleep. Physical activity in the fresh air can help you sleep better at night. A good night's sleep is essential for mental health, as it helps to regenerate the mind and stabilise the mood.

Psychological effect of hiking on health

In addition to these health benefits, hiking also offers the opportunity to reduce stress and improve mental awareness. By moving in the fresh air, we can sort out our thoughts and recover from the stresses of everyday life. At the same time, we can enjoy the beauty of nature and recharge our batteries. All these factors contribute to making hiking an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mountain hiking also promotes creativity, improves concentration and memory. In addition, people who hike regularly tend to have a positive attitude towards life and fewer mental problems. So it is clear that hiking can be very beneficial on both a physical and mental level.

Improving the quality of sleep

Physical activity, especially walking in nature, can help improve sleep quality. Regular physical activity makes the body tired, which leads to deeper and more restful sleep.

Strengthening the immune system

Hiking in the fresh air can strengthen the immune system. The natural environment promotes the production of white blood cells, which help fight diseases and infections.

Vitamin D intake

In summer, hiking is a great way to fill up on vitamin D. The skin produces this vitamin in response to sunlight. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone problems and a weak immune system.

Hiking in the Alme area around Filzmoos, Sulzenalm, Krahlehenalm
Hiking in the Alme area around Filzmoos, Sulzenalm, Krahlehenalm

Tips for a healthy hiking trip

1. preparation:

Before you start a hike, you should prepare yourself sufficiently. Make sure you have the necessary equipment with you, such as sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing and enough water. Good route planning is essential so that you can reach your destination without problems or accidents.

2. movement: 

When hiking, regular exercise is an important factor for good physical health. There are different levels of difficulty and route lengths for every fitness level, so everyone can find the right challenge. Finding a good pace is of course also key to completing a successful hike.

3. nutrition: 

A healthy diet during hiking is just as important as before and after the hike. It is advisable to eat light meals that provide the body with enough energy. Take regular breaks and snack on some nuts or fruit. 

Overall, hiking promotes physical and mental health and is one of the best ways to keep fit and active. With the right preparation, exercise and nutrition, you can safely and successfully complete a healthy hiking trip with friends or family.

Filzmoos is particularly suitable for hiking tours in summer and autumn

In Filzmoos you will find the right hiking routes for you. Whether you prefer gentle walks or more challenging mountain tours, the well-marked paths and the view of the Alps make every hike an experience. Stroll across green alpine meadows and breathe in the pure mountain air.

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