neuepost winter 2018 6

Daniela Gollegger

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Filzmoos webcams

Here you can see what the weather is like right now here in Filzmoos.

A webcam shows current pictures of Filzmoos Ort with the church. The Rötelstein and the Dachstein mountains can be seen live in the background. The current weather temperature is shown in the picture.

Another live webcam is directed to the ski area behind the house. Bögei ski lift, slopes for beginners and returning skiers.

Webcam 1 Direction Filzmoos Ort, Rötelstein, Dachstein

New Post Live Webcam image with Filzmoos church, view towards Filzmoos village, Rötelstein and Dachstein mountains.

Webcam 2 direction Ski School Bögei in Filzmoos

New Post Live Webcam with ski school slopes in Filzmoos, Bögeilift