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Daniela Gollegger

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Winter hiking in Filzmoos

When the cold season arrives, Filzmoos shows itself from a very special side and transforms into a true paradise for winter hikers.

50 km of cleared winter hiking trails lead through idyllic forests to unique views. Here are some hiking trails in Filzmoos that are very popular:

Roßbrand High Altitude Trail
Hofalmen Winter Hiking Trail
Kleinbergalm Winter Hiking Trail
Winter Walk Übermoos
Hachau Winter Hiking Trail
Dachstein Bachlalm

filzmoos cross-country skiing and winter hiking in the valley 2
Winter hiking - walking trail in Filzmoos Übermoos
filzmoos rossbrand view 3
Winter hiking at Roßbrand ( 1770 metres above sea level ) with Dachstein in the background
winter hiking trail hachau dachstein
Winter hiking trail in Hachau ( 1289 metres altitude ) with Dachstein in the background
winter hiking trail bachlalm dachstein
Winter hiking trail at Rötelstein in the direction of Bachlalm ( 1484 metres altitude )
bachlalm dachstein
Winter hiking trail to the Bachlalm (1484 metres above sea level) with Rötelstein and Dachstein massif

Over 50 kilometres of winter hiking trails

When winter hiking in Filzmoos, you encounter a landscape that is as diverse as life itself. Deeply snow-covered forests alternate with open fields. The snow-covered mountains rise into the sky and offer a panorama that amazes even experienced hikers.

However, a winter hike in Filzmoos is more than just a walk through the snow-covered landscape. It is also an opportunity to get to know the culture and tradition of this enchanting village. Hikers can stop off at the many cosy inns and mountain restaurants after a long day in the cold and fortify themselves with hearty Austrian specialities.

Filzmoos is more than just a place - it is an experience, an emotion. A place that radiates a comforting warmth in the cold of winter. A place where time seems to stand still and every moment is unique.