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The Dachstein - 2997m

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dachstein - 2997m

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Unesco World Heritage Site

The Dachstein - An unforgettable mountain experience

The valley station of the Dachstein gondola is only a few minutes' drive from the Aparthotel Neue Post.

The 2,996m high mountain peak offers an impressive and unforgettable sight of true natural beauty.

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Dachstein - With the cable car up to 2700 metres

The Dachstein Glacier - 2995m

The Dachstein Gondola

At the 2,700 m high Hunerkogel the impressive ride on the gondola ends.

Here you have a wonderful panorama of the surrounding mountains and the neighbouring countries.

The Dachstein Glacier - 2995m

The stairway to nowhere

The attractions, such as Suspension bridge, Stairs to nowhere, Skywalk and Ice Palace put the crown on the nature experience.

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Dachstein - The stairway to nowhere

The Dachstein attractions

Skywalk, Suspension Bridge, Ice Palace, The Stairway to Nowhere ...

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Dachstein Caves Ice Palace
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The Dachstein Sky Walk is the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps! Beneath your feet, you'll descend a dizzying 250m. An unforgettable mountain panorama all around.


Ice sculptures - six metres deep under the ice in the Dachstein glacier. Professional ice carvers create an enchanting and mystical world.


The Dachstein suspension bridge is Austria's highest suspension bridge.

100m long. Suspended at a dizzying height, the path leads to the entrance of the Ice Palace.

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Skiing at 2700 metres altitude

The Dachstein Glacier - 2995m

Dachstein Glacier Hiking

Awarded as UNESCO World Heritage the Dachstein offers a high alpine paradise for hikers and skiers in summer and winter.

The Skiing area on the glacier is characterised by absolute snow guarantee and boundless vision.

At 2,700 metres above sea level, a sea of natural snow greets with perfectly groomed slopes and Powder snow slopes. In summer, the Dachstein offers a high alpine hiking world with cosy Hiking routes to demanding Climbing tours.

Salzkammergut Excursion Destinations

Hallstatt excursion destination - Wolfgangsee excursion destination

Hallstatt / Dachstein

Hallstatt is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Austria. Fascinating, unique, attractive between rugged mountains and picturesque lake.


Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful excursion destinations in the Salzkammergut. A mix of romance and history.

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Salzkammergut Lake District