The Dachstein Speed Biker

Speed Bicker on the Dachstein Video


Alexander - The speed biker on the Dachstein

In this video, viewers witness a thrilling e-bike tour that begins in the Filzmoos area and stretches through the idyllic region of Hachau to the Bachlalm, which is located at the foot of the Dachstein. The special feature of this video is the dynamic camera work, which is positioned directly behind the young cyclist, impressively capturing the rapid pace of the ride and the feeling of adventure and freedom.

The route leads through varied landscapes, from the green meadows in Hachau to the impressive views of the Dachstein massif.

The combination of action, the beauty of nature and the youthful energy of the cyclist makes this video so fascinating. The young cyclist, who skilfully and energetically navigates through the various terrains and between cows, embodies fun in one of Austria's most beautiful natural landscapes.

The highlight of the tour is the route along the Dachstein. Here, where the mountains seem close enough to touch. The young cyclist skilfully navigates along narrow paths, while the speed and adrenaline noticeably increase.

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