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Salzburg as the setting for cinema blockbusters

Cinema films that show the picturesque Scenes of Salzburg from classic musicals to action-packed thrillers.

"The Sound of Music" (1965)

"The Sound of Music" (1965), a true story of the Trapp family celebrating music and love in the face of the horror of World War II. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer bring their roles as Maria and Captain Von Trapp to life, making the film a classic that touched generations of viewers.

"Knight and Day (2010)

With a change of pace, the Salzburg brought to the screen in a very different way in the action-packed thriller "Knight and Day" (2010) with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The fast-paced car chase that takes the audience through the picturesque streets of Salzburg makes the film unforgettable.

Salzburg backdrop in cinema films
Salzburg backdrop in cinema films

"Everyman" (2010)

In the drama "Jedermann" (2010), Nicholas Ofczarek as Jedermann shows despair and redemption in the face of death, while the city of Salzburg provides an atmospheric backdrop for the drama.

"Bride of the Wind (2001)

"Bride of the Wind" (2001) uses Salzburg as a backdrop for the depiction of the turbulent love affairs of the composer Alma Mahler.

"The Trapp Family" (1956)

"The Trapp Family" (1956) is another cinematic interpretation of the famous Trapp family that endures during the difficult times of the Anschluss.

Each of these films uses Salzburg in its own way to promote the beauty and history of this city worldwide.