Video - Marmots in Filzmoos

Marmots, Manggei in Filzmoos, Dachstein, Bachlalm


Marmots in Filzmoos

The camera pans across a rugged alpine meadow landscape in front of the majestic Dachstein massif, where the rough evidence of the forces of nature can be recognised at first glance. The landscape is characterised by stones lying around that appear to have broken off the rock faces of the Dachstein.

But a closer look reveals even more: hidden between these stones are small, almost invisible cave entrances, skilfully concealed by ferns and other plants. These natural hiding places are home to marmots.

A marmot, curious and alert, peeps out of one of these cave entrances. For a short time, we were able to watch these charming creatures darting back and forth between the entrances.


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