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The Bischofsmütze in Filzmoos: A landmark of the Salzburg region

In the heart of Salzburg Land lies the mountain village of Filzmoos, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Among these peaks is a very special one - the Bischofsmütze. With its unmistakable shape, it rises proudly as a landmark of the region.

The Bischofsmütze actually consists of two peaks - the Großer Bischof and the Kleiner Bischof. With an altitude of 2458 metres, the Great Bishop is the dominant peak, while the Little Bishop is only just behind with an altitude of 2430 metres. Both offer an impressive sight and are popular with mountaineers and hikers alike.

Geologically speaking, the Bischofsmütze is formed from Dachstein limestone, which is known for its durability. Over millions of years, this has created an extraordinary landscape that fascinates people and makes them return to this area again and again.

Numerous hiking trails wind around the mountain, there are also more challenging mountain tours, the variety of routes offers something for everyone.

In winter, the Bischofsmütze shows itself from its best side. With snow-covered slopes and frosty peaks, it presents an enchanting winter wonderland that attracts skiers and snowboarders.

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Bischofsmütze Filzmoos 21

The Large (2,454 m) and Small (2.428 m) Bishop's cap (2,454 m) in winter

papageno 6er gondola 4260
Papageno gondola lift with the Bischofsmütze in the background
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Sunset with the Bishop's Hat
The Bischofsmuetze in summer, a popular climbing mountain