Alm Bike Filzmoos - E-biking in Salzburgerland

Alexander, son of the house, on an e-bike tour on the Großberg in Filzmoos


An adventure in the mountains around Filzmoos in Salzburgerland

E-biking has become very popular in recent years. It combines traditional cycling with modern technology and offers a unique way to enjoy the picturesque landscape and varied terrain of Filzmoos.

With 12 exclusive e-bike tours, Filzmoos is a great choice for e-bike enthusiasts. Each route is unique.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced biker, there is a tour for you. Each tour is well marked, you will see beautiful alpine meadows, rustic huts and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Mountain bike at the foot of the Dachstein
Mountain bike at the foot of the Dachstein

The 12 cycling tours

Hofalmen round - 15 km

It is about 15 kilometres long and not too steep, which makes it perfect for e-bike novices and families.

Your tour begins in Filzmoos. You follow the route that leads you directly to the picturesque Hofalmen. During your ride you have breathtaking views of flowering meadows and the majestic peaks of Dachstein and Roßbrand.

The Hofalmen are an ideal place to take a break. Here you can stop in a rustic alpine hut and enjoy genuine Austrian hospitality. On the way back to Filzmoos you will see even more impressive views and enjoy the tranquillity of nature to the full.

Rossbrand Round - 30 km

This tour takes you over 30 kilometres and more than 1000 metres in altitude to the summit of the Roßbrand. It is a real adventure and not for the faint-hearted.

The route starts innocuously enough in Filzmoos, but before you know it, you're climbing up, breaking through the tree line and immersing yourself in the wild alpine landscape. And believe us, the effort is worth it. The view of the Alps from the summit is simply indescribable.

The ride down is pure fun as you whizz through the breathtaking landscape on the well-maintained trails. And don't forget to stop at one of the cosy huts to fortify yourself with delicious regional dishes.

The Rossbrand Round is an e-bike experience you won't soon forget.

Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein
Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein

Filzmoos Hut Rally - 18 km

This 18-kilometre loop not only allows you to experience the impressive landscape, but also the warm hospitality in the mountain huts around Filzmoos.

The tour starts in Filzmoos and takes you through a picturesque landscape. You will pass many alpine huts where you can stop and taste the regional delicacies.

The Filzmoos Hut Rally is not just an e-bike tour. It is a journey of discovery through the culture and hospitality of the Alpine region

Imagine starting the day with a hearty breakfast in one of the rustic alpine huts with fresh farmhouse bread, homemade jam and honey from the region.

At lunchtime you take a break in another hut, where you can fortify yourself with delicious dishes such as Kaiserschmarrn, Brettljause and homemade soups. The huts are known for their fresh meals prepared with regional ingredients.

And in the evening? You can stop at another alpine hut for Austrian classics like Wiener schnitzel, beef roulade or fresh trout, accompanied by a good local wine or beer.

But the best thing about the hut rally is the hospitality of the hut keepers. They welcome you with open arms, provide you with delicious food and perhaps tell you one or two exciting stories.

Around the Gerzkopf - 40 km

The tour starts in Filzmoos, but the highlight of the tour is the Gerzkopf itself. From up there you have an unforgettable view of the Dachstein massif and the Salzburg region.

Whether you are an old hand at mountain biking or just starting out, the "Around the Gerzkopf" tour is suitable for everyone. You can do the tour at your own pace and thanks to the modern e-bikes, even the climbs are no problem. 

Dachstein Panorama Mountain Bike Tour - 68 km

This 68-kilometre round trip takes you through the impressive landscape of Filzmoos. And the best thing about the tour? The incredible view of the Dachstein. This sight of the majestic peak towering before you in all its glory will take your breath away.

The Dachstein Panorama Tour is challenging, but don't worry, the modern e-bikes make the climbs a breeze. And remember, you don't have to rush. Take the time to ride at your own pace and stop as often as you like to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Mandling Round - 24 km

This 24-kilometre tour takes you through the picturesque landscape of Filzmoos and its charming surroundings.

One of the highlights of the tour is the Mandlingbach stream, whose gentle murmur accompanies you on your ride. But the absolute highlight of the Mandling loop is the spectacular view of the Dachstein massif, which will take your breath away.

Dachstein Experience - 260 km

The highlights of the Dachstein Experience are the views of the impressive Dachstein glacier, the rugged south faces of the Dachstein massif and the picturesque valleys. Thanks to the modern e-bikes, you can enjoy the tour at your own pace and stop as often as you like to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with the Dachstein Experience - a tour that will exceed all your expectations.

Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein
Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein

Moosalm round - 13 km

A view of the Dachstein massif awaits you on a clear day. But the trail itself also has a lot to offer: From rolling hills and green meadows to the gentle babbling of the stream that accompanies you on your ride, the Moosalm loop is a real e-bike adventure.

Sulzenalm round - Variant - 4 km

The Sulzenalm loop is your chance to explore the alpine panorama over 16 kilometres. Culinary delicacies await you at the Sulzenalm.

Schwaigalm round - Variant - 1 km

The 1-kilometre Schwaigalm variant is perfect for you if you want to enjoy the impressive alpine landscape. Fortify yourself with regional delicacies.

Black Lacquer Round - 15 km

The Schwarze Lacke round is a challenging, 15-kilometre-long e-bike tour that takes you to a very small alpine moor lake. The route is lined with panoramic views and offers you plenty of opportunities for photo stops. Prepare yourself for a challenging tour that rewards you with nature experiences.

Schnitzberg Round - 10 km

The Schnitzberg loop is 10 km long. At the top of the Schnitzberg Alm you can stop for a bite to eat in a cosy atmosphere.

Neuberg round - 8 km

Are you looking for a short but charming tour? The traditional alpine huts along the route offer you the opportunity for a short rest and invite you to try specialities.

Sattei Round - 14 km

Fancy one of the most popular routes in Filzmoos? The Sattei Round offers you everything your e-biker heart desires over 14 kilometres.

Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein
Mountain Bike - E-Bike - Dachstein

The mountain pastures around Filzmoos

Imagine you are in a wonderful alpine pasture area around Filzmoos. A place that breathes history and where time seems to stand still. With your e-bike you explore gentle hills, past cosy alpine huts and breathtaking mountain panoramas.

When your e-bike needs a break, you can recharge it at a charging station while you embark on a culinary journey of discovery. From hearty specialities such as bacon dumplings to sweet delicacies like Kaiserschmarrn - the offer will make your mouth water.

Spend a day in unspoilt nature, enjoy the genuine alpine pasture atmosphere and let yourself be inspired by the hospitality of the locals. You will see: A day in our alpine pasture area is more than just a day. It is an experience you will always remember.

Hofalmen Filzmoos excursion destination
Hofalmen Filzmoos excursion destination

Why Filzmoos is so well suited for mountain biking

Have you ever wondered why Filzmoos is the perfect place for mountain biking? It's the mix of challenging trails, breathtaking panoramas and unspoilt nature that make Filzmoos the ideal mountain biking destination.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced biker looking for a new challenge - in Filzmoos you will find what you are looking for. Steep climbs, rapid descents and gentle paths through untouched nature are just waiting to be discovered by you. And after a day full of action.

Why e-bikes

E-bikes open up completely new possibilities. They allow us to ride further, climb steeper hills and see more of the beautiful landscape - all without excessive effort.

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