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Salzburg is world-famous for its annual festival. For friends of music, theatre and culture, the Salzburg Festival, consisting of the Easter Festival, Whitsun Festival and Summer Festival, is an absolute must. The Neuepost Apartments in Filzmoos in Salzburgerland offer you the ideal accommodation. Enjoy the comfort of our flats while experiencing the cultural diversity of Salzburg. Whether you want to experience the Easter Festival, the musical fireworks of the Whitsun Festival or the Summer Festival with the famous "Jedermann", at the Neuepost Apartments you are only a few minutes' drive away from the venues in Salzburg.

City of Salzburg
City of Salzburg

Easter Festival - The start of the Salzburg Festival

The Easter Festival marks the beginning of cultural events in the city of Mozart. Founded by Herbert von Karajan, the famous conductor, in 1967, this festival has become a major event in the international cultural calendar. Every spring, the city is transformed into a stage where renowned musicians and orchestras perform their interpretations.

A special feature of the Easter Festival is the tradition of performing an opera production and an orchestral concert in which the Berliner Philharmoniker play a leading role. Karajan chose this format to bring the audience closer to the musicians and to enable a more intense sound experience.

The Easter Festival is also a good opportunity to visit Salzburg's historic sites. For example, many performances take place in the Festspielhalle, an impressive building that once served as the archbishopric's stables. Today it is one of the largest and acoustically best concert halls in the world.

The beauty of Salzburg is enhanced by the Easter Festival. The spring blossoms, milder weather and vibrant cultural life make the town a real gem. This is an ideal time to enjoy the natural beauty of Filzmoos while staying at Neuepost Apartments.

The Salzburg Easter Festival is more than just a cultural event. They are a celebration of music and art that brings the spirit of Salzburg to life. During your stay at the Neuepost Apartments you can experience this wonderful tradition first hand and immerse yourself in the world of classical music.

Whitsun Festival - A Festival of Music 

The Whitsun Festival gives Salzburg's festival tradition a cultural boost in May. Since its founding in 1973, this event has developed into one of the world's leading classical music festivals. It attracts renowned musicians, singers and orchestras from all over the world and offers a wide range of performances, from operas to chamber music and solo concerts.

In recent years, the artistic director of the Whitsun Festival, Cecilia Bartoli, has revitalised the festival and created a stir in the music world. Under her leadership, the festival has placed its focus on reviving forgotten works and presenting music from different eras and styles.

A visit to the Whitsun Festival is also a great opportunity to explore Salzburg's historical sights. The festival takes place in various venues, including the Felsenreitschule and the Großes Festspielhaus, two historic buildings with impressive architecture and excellent acoustics.

The Whitsun Festival is not only a celebration of music, but also an opportunity to discover Salzburg's heritage. A visit to this festival gives you the chance to experience the city's rich history and cultural diversity.

The Whitsun Festival in Salzburg is a true celebration of music that takes the whole city with it. It is an opportunity to discover Salzburg's rich musical heritage while enjoying the benefits of your accommodation at Neuepost Appartements.

Summer Festival - The Highlight of the Year

The Salzburg Summer Festival, which originated in 1920, is the centrepiece of Salzburg's festival tradition. For six weeks they offer a top-class programme of opera, theatre and concerts and make the city the summer centre of the international music scene.

The Summer Festival is famous for its opera productions, from Mozart to Strauss, from Verdi to Wagner. But they are also famous for their theatre performances, especially the play "Jedermann", which is traditionally performed on Domplatz. This play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, one of the founders of the festival, is an essential part of the festival and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

A visit to the Summer Festival also gives you the opportunity to discover the beauty and history of Salzburg. The festival takes place in various historic buildings, including the Großes Festspielhaus, the Felsenreitschule and the Haus für Mozart. These venues not only offer first-class performances, but also a unique historical atmosphere.

The Festival is a great way to experience Salzburg's cultural diversity. They offer you a unique mix of music, theatre and history that you can't find anywhere else. And with the Neuepost Apartments as your base, you can enjoy this unique experience to the fullest.

The Everyman

Herbert von Karajan, one of the most famous conductors of the 20th century, has had a profound influence on the musical world of Salzburg. His relationship with the Salzburg Festival has been formative in its development and his contributions have underpinned its international importance.

Karajan was not only the founder of the Easter Festival, but also a long-time artistic director of the Summer Festival. His interpretations, especially of Wagner, Strauss and Beethoven, are legendary and have strongly shaped the profile of the Festival.

A special attraction is the Mozart Foundation House, where Karajan lived for many years. The house, which now serves as a museum, offers an insight into the conductor's life and work and displays a number of personal objects and documents.

Karajan has had a decisive influence on Salzburg's musical heritage. His work is an integral part of the Festival's identity and his spirit lives on in the performances and venues.

Der Jedermann - The centrepiece of the Salzburg Summer Festival

The play "Jedermann" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal is an important part of the Summer Festival. It has been performed on Domplatz since the Festival was founded in 1920 and has become synonymous with the Salzburg Festival.

"Everyman" tells the story of a wealthy man who is confronted with death and repents of his sinful past. The play is a profound reflection on life, death and redemption and offers the audience an immersive theatre experience.

The historical backdrop, the professional actors and the impressive production make the play an unforgettable highlight of the summer festival. "Jedermann" is more than just a play. It is a tradition, a symbol of the Salzburg Festival and a testimony to the cultural diversity of the city. Make it part of your stay at Neuepost Appartements and experience the heart of the Salzburg Festival.

Mozart - The Son of the City

When you visit Salzburg, you will come across one name again and again: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The famous composer, who was born in Salzburg in 1756, is one of the city's defining figures and an integral part of Salzburg's cultural identity.

Mozart was a child prodigy and his music revolutionised classical music. His operas, symphonies and concerts are still an integral part of the Salzburg Festival repertoire and make every visit to Salzburg a unique musical experience.

Visit Mozart's birthplace on Getreidegasse and the Mozart family home on Makartplatz to gain an insight into the composer's life and work. Both houses are now museums and display a variety of personal items and documents that illustrate Mozart's genius and his importance to music history.

Another important place to experience Mozart is the Großes Festspielhaus. His works are regularly performed there, giving you the opportunity to experience his music in the city of his birthplace.

Mozart and Salzburg are inextricably linked. His legacy is an essential part of the city's cultural identity and still shapes the Salzburg Festival today. Use your stay at the Neuepost Apartments to discover this heritage and experience Mozart's music.

Renowned artists - Salzburg's glitz and glamour

The Salzburg Festival has attracted a number of renowned artists throughout its history. Its stages have seen some of the world's most distinguished musicians, conductors and singers, including Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein and Plácido Domingo, to name but a few.

Herbert von Karajan, the founding father of the Easter Festival and long-time artistic director of the Summer Festival, is one of the defining figures in the history of the Festival. His interpretations have left a lasting mark on the Festival's musical profile.

Leonard Bernstein, one of the most versatile musicians of the 20th century, has enriched the Festival with his innovative and passionate interpretations. His performances of Mahler, Beethoven and other composers are legendary and have delighted audiences time and again.

Soprano Anna Netrebko and tenor Plácido Domingo are two of the outstanding singers who have shone on the stages of the Salzburg Festival. Their performances have captured the hearts of audiences and made the Festival a highlight in the international opera calendar.

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