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Daniela Gollegger

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The Dachstein Ice Palace: A magical world under the glacier

Enter a mystical world of ice and snow...

Deep beneath the eternal ice of the Dachstein Glacier lies a hidden world full of magic and beauty: the Dachstein Ice Palace. Six metres below the glittering ice surface, a frosty wonderland opens up that will melt even the coldest winter hearts.

The entrance to the Ice Palace is at the end of the spectacular suspension bridge, a demanding challenge for anyone who, like me, suffers from a fear of heights. If you want to avoid this scary crossing, I recommend starting your tour of the Ice Palace at the exit. This is a little tip for those who prefer to start their encounter with the glacier in safer terrain.

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Dachstein Ice Palace Sculpture

As soon as you enter the Ice Palace, you are greeted by an extraordinary sight: artfully designed sculptures that present themselves in different themes. Each one is a tribute to the sculptors' artistry and the raw, icy beauty that inspired them.

The operators of the Ice Palace are committed to making the visit as safe as possible. The floor is always roughened to allow a safe walk on the ice. But caution is still advised, especially if you are wearing ski boots - despite all efforts, it can be slippery on the icy floor.

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Dachstein Ice Palace

Visit the Dachstein Ice Palace for a unique insight into the frosty underworld of the glacier. This experience will leave you with a lasting impression of the magic and fascination that the alpine landscape has to offer. But don't forget to dress warmly! It is, after all, a palace of ice.