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Salzburg Mozart Festival

A beautiful city with high cultural significance. It is not for nothing that the baroque city is called the Rome of the North.

Numerous magnificent historic buildings, houses, gardens and fountains contribute to the unique appearance of the city of Salzburg.

City of Mozart

As the hometown of the great musician, Salzburg can rightly call itself the city of Mozart. People flock to Salzburg from all continents to follow in the footsteps of the great artist.

The birthplace and residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are located in the heart of Salzburg. One of the most popular museums is Mozart's birthplace in Getreidegasse.

salzburg winter
Salzburg in winter

The centre of the Mozart sightseeing tour is the house where Mozart was born in Getreidegasse. It is the most visited museum in the city.

City of culture and sights

The Hohen Salzburg Fortress towers above the city. Rich in history, the castle is a popular excursion destination for guests and locals alike.

salzburg city view 3
Salzach with Old Town and Hohensalzburg Fortress

With Mozart and the Trapp family, Salzburg has made music its way into people's hearts.