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Dachstein Glacier Ski Area

Attractions on the Dachstein

The Dachstein Gondola takes you up to 2,700 metres on the Hunerkogel. There the Dachstein Glacier World opens up. A fantastic hiking area in summer. In winter, a wonderful skiing area covered in natural snow.

The ski area of the Dachstein Glacier World offers easy to ski slopes. Of course, the selection of lifts cannot be compared to the large ski areas. You don't need a piste map for orientation on the Dachstein. Nevertheless, this ski area is an absolute insider tip. Far away from the hustle and bustle, the fantastic distant views offer uplifting moments. Nothing can compare to it.

dachstein gondola 2
Dachstein Gondola
dachstein glacier lift gondola 1
Dachstein Gondola mountain station and Skywalk viewing platform

Skywalk, suspension bridge, ice palace and staircase to nowhere. These are the attractions of the Dachstein Glacier World. Each one a natural phenomenon in its own right.

dachstein glacier mountain station ski lift slopes
Dachstein Glacier mountain station and ski slopes
dachstein glacier mountain station ski lift slopes 6
Dachstein Glacier Ski Slopes

Tip: Before you pass the barrier in the valley, be sure to look at the display board to see what the weather situation is like on the Hunerkogel. Even on a calm day, a storm can blow on the Dachstein!