Super snow in Filzmoos 2019

Lush snowfall in Filzmoos in January 2019


Super snow in Filzmoos 2019

Snow Impressions - Winter 2019

Winter 2019 will remain unforgettable in Filzmoos. Not only because of the white splendour that transformed our picturesque village into a true winter wonderland, but also because of the extent of the snowfall that relentlessly pelted down on us for three weeks.

The first snowflakes were still exciting and idyllic - a true dream for winter sports enthusiasts. Soon they filled our landscapes and covered the roofs of our houses. But then, as the snowfall continued, the winter landscape in Filzmoos soon reached unprecedented proportions. A true super snow.

For three weeks we held our breath while a mighty snowstorm swept over us and bathed the whole world in white. The hardships were great: roofs had to be tirelessly cleared of masses of snow, shovel after shovel, day after day. We shovelled snow until we almost fell down. As if that wasn't enough, the power went out for 23 hours - an additional challenge in an already tense situation. But despite all the adversity and hardship, there is one reason we long back to that winter.

The beauty of the snow that transformed our village into an enchanted winter landscape was, despite everything, simply breathtaking. One could not help but be surrounded by the fascination of the white splendour. Even if the work was hard and the temperatures icy, the memories of the super snow in Filzmoos 2019 are marked by the fascinating beauty of nature that captivated us. With every shovel, every step through the crunching snow, the silence and beauty of the snow-covered landscape filled us with awe and admiration.

Now I invite you to join me on a tour of Filzmoos. Through the photos and memories of this time, we will immerse ourselves together in the extraordinary days of super snow in winter 2019. Let us enjoy the breathtaking images and remember the unique power and beauty of nature. Every snowflake that fell, every shovel of snow we moved has a story to tell. They are stories of perseverance, teamwork and the incomparable charm of winter in Filzmoos. And it's a story we love to tell because it reminds us that even in the toughest of times, beauty and wonder can be found."

newpost filzmoos super snow winter 2019
Beautiful winter atmosphere
super snow 2019 filzmoos roundabout direction town centre
Roundabout in the direction of the town centre
super snow 2019 filzmoos roundabout direction ort
Filzmoos roundabout direction bakery
super snow 2019 filzmoos municipality office filzmoos and church
Municipal office Filzmoos and church
super snow 2019 filzmoos view towards fiakerwirt
Pavement in the direction of Fiakerwirt
supersnow 2019 filzmoos clearing the gaps
Skimming the roofs

super snow 2019 filzmoos our daughter sara
Our daughter Sara in the Filzmoos snow labyrinth

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